We are proud to release the first official version of the logistics platform CARGO

We believe that our industry will benefit greatly from increased collaboration, and that those who share, will be the ultimate winners. To facilitate sharing and simplify collaboration, Klaveness has developed a digital solution, called CARGO, enabling our customers to manage their entire cargo flow from planning to delivery in one single solution.

The power of feedback

The inspiration for CARGO came from our long-term service to our industrial customers. Klaveness has strived to deliver efficient and reliable transportation services to customers for decades. Now we want to take our services to the next level by using software, smart technology and analytics.

Since we started developing CARGO in the autumn of 2015, we have had the privilege of working closely with our customers. With their continuous feedback through the alpha and beta testing phase, we are now proud to announce that we have released CARGO 1.0, a solution that addresses the key pain points identified by our customers.

Up until today, customers have relied on manual collection of information and data entry in spreadsheets to stay updated. Moreover, collaboration between stakeholders has been done mainly through e-mail and phone. In CARGO 1.0, they get a complete overview of their cargo schedule, ongoing cargo liftings and the pertaining inventory situation, in a single application. This updated and actionable information allow the user to take preventive action early to respond to unforeseen events, avoid knock-on effects and maintain a healthy inventory level.

We believe that CARGO 1.0 is responding to our overall ambition “making the life of our customers easier, more efficient and better informed”.

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