The new Inventory Manager makes the inventory monitoring and planning process more efficient and transparent

We are pleased to announce the release of the brand-new Inventory Manager module in CargoValue.

The new Inventory Manager is all about making the inventory monitoring and planning process more efficient and transparent using live updates, automation and intuitive visuals. Thanks to valuable feedback and insight from our customers during the development, we are certain that the new inventory functionality will help users improve visibility on how unforeseen changes affects inventory levels.


The link between the new Inventory Manager and live cargo schedule enable users to save time through automation of many inventory-related tasks such as month end inventory calculations, forecasting and monitoring. For example, if a shipment’s ETA changes the new estimated arrival date will automatically be reflected in the inventory figures, helping users quickly realign plans without spending time on manual updates. To help our customers to take preventive action early, we have introduced customizable thresholds alerts reducing the risk of a high or low inventory situation.

Advanced planning

In addition to real-time inventory monitoring, the Inventory Manager is built for advanced planning and simulation. Users can easily add detailed consumption estimates for different terminals and commodities based on the latest production plan and start building preliminary shipping schedules early to ensure that future needs are met.

The big picture

To help managers quickly identify areas of improvement we have introduced new and powerful “big picture” visualizations of the historical, current and future inventory position. In the inventory dashboard, depicted below, users can see the updated inventory position across all terminals and commodities at a glance and drill down to see how the inventory position has developed time.


Replacing the spreadsheet

Instead of sending spreadsheets back and forth between team members to keep everyone up-to-date, CargoValue users can now collaborate on the same shipping schedule and inventory in one place. Unlike a spreadsheet, all changes are instantly updated across everyone’s devices giving users greater confidence in the accuracy of the information.

With the release of the new Inventory Manager we see an even greater potential of reducing logistics costs related to freight, demurrage and storage for industrial companies’ dependent on sourcing raw-materials by sea.

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