Introducing a brand-new notification center and a more efficient way to manage your cargoes

Three months ago, we released the new Inventory Manager in CargoValue. Now we are pleased to introduce three new key features to kick off 2018: The Notification Center, Smart Add Cargo and Advanced User Access. This time around we have focused on empowering users to make faster decisions, reduce the time spent on manual updates and increase collaboration.

Notification center

The new Notification Center provides users with alerts and notification to cater for immediate action when something unexpected happens. Users will be notified about ETA updates and navigational changes to stay up-to-date on ongoing operations. To avoid demurrage, an alert is generated if scheduled vessels are likely to clash in port.

In addition to receiving immediate updates, the Notification Center also enables users to effortlessly scroll back in time to view information about historical shipments and events. We are excited to introduce the Notification Center to our customers and hear their thoughts on how we can make it even better going forward.

Smart add cargo

Our mission is to build a platform that outsmarts spreadsheets in every possible way. With the new release, we introduce adding cargoes with a single click.

The new Smart Add Cargo feature uses predefined cargo profiles to speed up the process for users building shipping schedules on the basis of their latest inventory plan. Going forward, CargoValue will become smarter every time users add a new cargo, providing users with valuable insight in the planning and scheduling process.

Advanced User Access

The new user access module is a sought-after feature allowing managers to customize individual permissions in the cargo schedule and inventory manager. By granting access to selected information and functionality, company managers can involve more employees to assist with specific tasks without compromising company security. We are confident that the new user access module will increase security at the same time as it speeds up the scheduling and inventory management process.

In addition to the features described above, we have also implemented several minor updates focused on making CargoValue more intuitive and easy to use.

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