Next generation planning with Cargovalue

The gap between how shipments and unforeseen circumstances affect inventory levels is one not bridged by vessel tracking systems or spreadsheet-based planning models.

Cargovalue uniquely offers industrial companies real-time visibility into ongoing shipments and inventories in one place. Klaveness Digital is proud to announce the release of several powerful new features that offer companies even more efficient planning and actionable insight into real-time data.

Support for complex sourcing strategies

Many voyages include stops at more than one port to lift cargo; and may make multiple stops at discharge ports that are vital to maintain production.

In the latest version of Cargovalue, users can simply add the extra load and/or discharge ports at the planning stage with one click. This can also be done at any point during post-planning or during the voyage if a vital discharge is added at short notice.

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In addition to making multiple loads or discharges, vessels frequently carry different types or grades of raw materials that go into the production process. Different grades of coal are a prime example.

In Cargovalue, users can now add multiple parcels to a shipment at the click of a button. With complete flexibility for any type of commodity being discharged at any terminal.

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Immediately identify high and low stock situations based on vessel specific-alerts

High stock levels mean higher working capital costs and can make it difficult to discharge a cargo within a laycan. Low stock levels can mean slowing or halting production until a cargo is discharged.

Cargovalue bridges that gap between shipments and inventory. Drawing on live AIS data, the intelligent alerts function will detect when a vessel ETA will cause a high stock situation or when stock will be running too low. The vessel is automatically flagged in the live map, allowing users to easily identify when a stock situation is high, low or critical and taking action is recommended.

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Set predefined route and commodity templates

On a regularly recurring basis, industrial companies will purchase raw materials from a selection of suppliers and sell finished or semi-finished goods to customers around the world.

Cargovalue now allows users to save commonly used shipment configurations as a template to speed up future planning and scheduling. This can be applied from the simplest of routes up to the most complex that include multiple loads, discharges and parcels. This feature allows future shipments to be planned and entered within seconds; maintaining flexibility to allow for any adjustments to the route.

Next generation planning

Since Klaveness Digital started developing CargoValue in 2015, the mission has been to build a platform that outsmarts spreadsheets in every possible way.

Cargovalue is now fully empowering companies to reduce logistical costs from freight, demurrage and storage by replacing manual routines and spreadsheets with actionable data and real-time collaboration.

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