Introducing Audit Trail functionality in CargoValue

After a busy fall of new updates and releases to CargoValue, Klaveness Digital is pleased to announce that the momentum continues. With the introduction of a powerful new feature as of October 2019 that empowers industrial companies to go even further towards achieving real-time collaboration and “one version of the truth”.

Audit Trail

While many companies will agree that spreadsheets are a powerful tool offering a great deal of customization, they have their drawbacks when it comes to real-time collaboration and exchanging critical information between stakeholders.

One of the more challenging of these drawbacks is the ability to track changes and view the reasons behind these changes. This can include changes to shipping schedules, re-routings, lot sizes, vessel nominations, delays, and so on. The solution today might be to add a note in the spreadsheet (or email) citing that a change has been made and rely on stakeholders to notice the change when pouring over their busy inboxes.

CargoValue’s new ‘Audit Trial’ feature captures all changes made to shipments in the Schedule Monitor; either for historic, planned or ongoing voyages as well as the ability to add reason(s) why via the comments field as depicted below.

CargoValue Audit Trail functionality

CargoValue Audit Trail functionality

The log shows who was responsible for changes, the specifics that have been changed/updated and when those changes were made. The log will report changes for as long as the voyage remains inside CargoValue and supports as many changes as the company needs to make from start to finish.

CargoValue Audit Trail functionality

CargoValue Audit Trail functionality

The Audit Trail will further empower companies to streamline interdepartmental collaboration and eliminate the need to exchange information over multiple channels.

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