Full-screen satellite map and actionable scheduling insights

In closing 2018 Klaveness Digital released the latest version of Cargovalue with functionality to support complex sourcing strategies. After kicking off 2019, we are now pleased to introduce several new updates to provide users with even more insight into the scheduling and inventory management process.


Improved alerts of shipment clashes

With improved scheduling functionality, any clashes in the shipping schedule will be highlighted at the planning stage, thereby eliminating any possibility of error or need to make costly re-adjustments to the plan later.



Improved link between shipments and inventories

Cargovalue offers unique insight into how a shipment plan and deviations to the cargo flow will influence inventories. Now, it’s even easier to toggle between the two modules to see a specific shipment’s place in the inventory. This powerful functionality can be used to forecast stockpiles, run ‘what if’ simulations and ultimately make data-driven decisions to save on working capital and avoid high or low stock situations.



Improved map for real-time tracking of fleets

Cargovalue’s Cargo monitor can now be toggled to full-screen mode. Combined with the new and improved user-friendly interface, it’s even easier to track ongoing shipments in real-time and maintain vessel watchlists for tracking of multiple fleets at any given time.



Additional improvements to the user interface

Improving organizational efficiency and empowering industrial companies to make better decisions is at the heart of Klaveness Digital. As such, delivering a product that is user friendly, intuitive and easy to use is key. Therefore, we show a great attention to detail, user interactivity and user flow when implementing new functionality to make sure all updates improve the overall user experience.

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