Taking outbound logistics and customer centricity to the next level with CargoValue

Klaveness Digital is pleased to announce the release of its supplier module; empowering companies to optimize their outbound logistics and better serve their receiving customers.

From 2016 CargoValue has been exclusively developed as a platform to optimize the inbound logistics of industrial companies that depend on seaborne transportation as part of their global sourcing strategy. As of July 2019, Klaveness Digital is pleased to announce the latest release of CargoValue to fully support inbound and/or outbound logistics.

Whether selling CIF or FOB, real-time optimization of exports is vital to ensure customers are being best served and receiving their goods on schedule and the volumes agreed upon. But the export of semi or finished goods is largely planned in Excel and manually communicated between the sales and freight desks over phone and email. This disconnected process can be prone to human error and runs the risk of low inventories and struggling to meet customer requirements on time while production catches up.



CargoValue empowers companies to bridge that gap by accurately maintaining an inventory of production figures and exported volumes to guarantee all relevant stakeholders have access to one version of the truth and able to make decisions with the most up-to-date and accurate data possible.

Furthermore, the platform empowers suppliers to take customer centricity to the next level when handling seaborne freight through increased transparency and information sharing. Collaborating on CargoValue at both ends forges a partnership that allows the supplier and its customers to access the same shipping information in real-time. This level of insight offers the customer actionable intel into how changes to the ongoing shipping schedule and any delays or unexpected deviations will influence their own inventory and production levels.

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