Introducing the Customer Discovery Program by Klaveness Digital

We are pleased to announce we have formalized our efforts in collaborating with customers on the development of our shipping and logistics platform CargoValue.

The Customer Discovery Program (CDP) presents an innovative new opportunity for customers to enroll in a defined project with designated project managers from both parties working towards an agreed timeline and milestones.

In line with our guiding principle of agile development, the CDP presents a unique opportunity for industry leaders to play a key role in ensuring CargoValue is developed as the leading shipping and logistics platform for industrial companies transporting bulk materials by sea.

Agile software development describes methodologies built upon the idea of iterative development; meaning software requirements and solutions continuously evolve as a result of collaboration between self-organizing cross-functional teams and customers.

Illustration of feedback loop


Illustration of feedback loop

The value of agile development as the underlying structure for the CDP means Klaveness Digital is able to deliver value to customers faster and with greater degrees of accuracy when it comes to solving industry needs. 

In 2020 this methodology was employed in a project with TAQA Morocco. This began with a workshop to brainstorm functionality that would fulfill the customer’s ideal user experience on allow them to use CargoValue to track their most important KPIs. Learn more about the outcome of the project here.

The next project is slated to begin in Q4 together with customers representing the aluminium sector to explore solutions for anticipating and managing supply chain uncertainty.


“The Customer Discovery Program is a great way for us to learn more about the work processes our users have and the pain points they face. The close cooperation and continuous detailed feedback means we can find, test, and verify different solutions and ideas faster.

This iterative approach from all parties gives us the opportunity to deliver an even better product to the end users”

Mats Oustad
Head of Product Development, Klaveness Digital

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