Shipbroker Inter-Asia Breaks New Ground in Customer Service Through Digitalization

Maritime intermediaries are today faced with the realization that, to remain essential and competitive in an industry quickly embracing digitalization, they must adapt and seek new ways to deliver value.

The Challenge

Anticipating this, Philippines based shipbroker Inter-Asia set out to find the right software to not only adapt; but to innovate and future-proof a business in what many consider the most challenging shipping market in recent times.

The Solution

Inter-Asia started by taking stock of what is important to their customers. Those with whom they do business sought better visibility into their schedules, faster response times on ETA/schedule enquiries, and a need to have the right vessel available at the right time and price.

Having done business with prominent shipowner Torvald Klaveness for many years, the logical progression for Inter-Asia was to explore the capabilities of ‘spin-off’ company Klaveness Digital.

Following a needs assessment, Inter-Asia piloted Klaveness Digital’s flagship product ‘CargoValue’. With the guidance of a dedicated customer success team, Inter-Asia quickly adjusted to using CargoValue and successfully began the transition from the reactive approach to shipping typically afforded by relying on spreadsheets.

The Result

With rapid implementation came rapid results and customers with shipments managed in CargoValue soon enjoyed more timely and accurate updates. By leveraging voyage reports through the platform and Klaveness Digital’s Supply Chain Analytics services; Inter-Asia shares key intel with customers and can provide flexibility around scheduling, optimizing berthing windows, and help customers to build more confidence in supply chain resilience.



For Inter-Asia, the enhanced customer experience increases the value of their services and has led to additional bookings from existing clients. Going forward, Inter-Asia has great ambitions to further utilize the power of data and analytics to support their customers and bring shipbroking into the next generation.

“CargoValue is now an integral part of our operations, allowing us to manage and monitor vessel scheduling on an organized, timely and easy to use platform. Through the platform we are also able to produce and share voyage intel reports with our clients, allowing them to analyze key voyage data and optimize their overall operational efficiency. Together with CargoValue, we aim to leverage the power of data and analytics to support our clients’ needs and continually improve our services.”

Ms. Lorraine Reynolds
General Manager, Inter-Asia Marine Transport

About Inter-Asia Marine Transport

Inter-Asia Marine Transport (IAMT) was formed in 1977 as a ship broking and agency company focused on servicing the vessel chartering and operational requirements of both Philippine and international clients.

Through its 43 years in the Philippines, the company takes pride in supporting industries that form the building blocks of the nation, acting as brokers for the chartering of vessels for companies involved in the food, agricultural and power industries, importing such commodities as wheat, soybean meal, fertilizers and coal.

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