Webinar Recording | Digital Transformation Series | Klaveness Digital & SEDNA

In November 2020 we collaborated with SEDNA Systems over three sessions and brought together industry experts from our respective teams and industry leaders that have pioneered digital transformation within their own companies.

Watch the recordings from each session below:


Part 1: Demystifying The Cloud

In this ‘myth-busting’ session the panel addresses the following common concerns when making the transition to cloud:

  • “On-promise solutions are more secure than Cloud”

  • “Apps running on the Cloud are slower than in-house solutions”

  • “There is no single Cloud solution that can fully meet our needs”

To close the session, the panel shared what key learnings they would share with anyone currently making the transition to Cloud.


Part 2: Change Management

In this thought leadership session the panel addresses the following:

  • What do you believe triggers a company to recognize the need for change?

  • What do you recommend for overcoming resistance to change; and ensuring all stakeholders are aligned?

  • What do you recommend for anyone in the process of adopting new solutions? And specifically now in the era of remote onboarding.




Part 3: The Digital Transformation Journey

In the final session in the series the panel featured customers of CargoValue and SEDNA, who shared key insights into their digital transformation journey. Topics covered included:

  • Part 1: The early decision-making process

  • Part 2: The implementation process

  • Part 3: The end result

The panel rounded off with the panel sharing their key learnings for anyone about to embark on their own digitalization journey.

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