TAQA Morocco - Africa’s First Mover to Digitalize Maritime Logistics with CargoValue

A leading energy player in Africa and the Middle East, TAQA Morocco operates the Jorf Lasfar thermal power plant currently satisfying approximately 43% of Morocco’s electricity demand. The industrial infrastructure of six units totals 2,056 megawatts and ranks in the top quartile of the most efficient power plants in the world. The company, listed on the Casablanca Stock Exchange, is part of the TAQA Group.


TAQA Morocco is also committed to Corporate Social Responsibility, pursuing an active policy for social commitment and sustainable development, including the responsible management of its assets to maintain the highest of environmental and safety standards.

Learn about their digitalization journey with CargoValue below.

The Challenge

Today, many industrial companies rely heavily on spreadsheets and a de-centralized way of planning, sourcing, and managing logistics. This way of working has caused organizations to breed difficult-to-replace legacy systems and given rise to the creation of information silos throughout supply chains. Stakeholders lack visibility and are hindered from taking early preventive action that could reduce logistics costs from fuel, freight, demurrage, and storage.

Klaveness Digital is on mission is to bring shipping and logistics into the future and empower industrial companies to leverage their data and make better informed decisions. Its flagship product CargoValue is capable of changing the way stakeholders in the industry interact by replacing manual processes and spreadsheets with real-time collaboration and actionable insight.

The Solution

Sharing similar experiences and challenges, TAQA Morocco began piloting the CargoValue solution in January 2020 with the ambition of replacing legacy spreadsheets and bringing planning, scheduling and information sharing into real-time.

After embarking upon the pilot, TAQA Morocco invited Klaveness Digital to a workshop in Casablanca to brainstorm functionality that would fulfill TAQA Morocco’s ideal user experience on the platform and use CargoValue to track their most important KPIs. During the development phase, TAQA Morocco were invited to trail Klaveness Digital’s Supply Chain Analytics initiative to explore new ways of visualizing their supply chain and turning data into actionable insight.

The Result

Customer feedback is at the heart of how CargoValue has been developed to solve industry challenges. With close collaboration throughout the process, Klaveness Digital introduced the functionality to CargoValue and has step-by-step empowered TAQA Morocco to successfully replace their manual processes and gain improved visibility into their supply chain.

“The TAQA Morocco Fuel Procurement Management team has embarked on a digitalization process which aims to replace spreadsheet-based tools with real-time digital information with the aim of improving data workflow, inventory management, and demurrage.

The objective was to have a simple, easy to use, and intuitive system which allows the team to better manage the inventory and logistics process. Klaveness Digital has been great to work with. They have been proactive in implementing changes to the tool to fit our needs and have worked very closely with us to ensure issues are addressed”  

Mohamed Berrechid
Fuel Procurement Manager , TAQA Morocco



Klaveness Digital is proud to have established itself on the African continent and to be collaborating with a forward thinking and digitally-driven leader representing the energy market. The team looks forward to a long-term mutually beneficial partnership with TAQA Morocco as we head into a digital and sustainable future.

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