Introducing Supply Chain Analytics to the dry bulk industry

We are pleased to announce we have formalized our efforts in assisting customers to turn supply chain data into value by introducing our newly formed Supply Chain Analytics division.

The team consists of experts within their fields representing backgrounds from the supply chain and shipping industry, advanced data analytics, data science, and data visualization. Blending their expertise, the team continuously works to leverage the data in CargoValue and other sources to assist customers in identifying value creation opportunities and reducing supply chain uncertainties and costs.

“We see the Supply Chain Analytics division as a powerful asset for customers seeking to take their supply chains to the next level. The initiative will also serve as an enabler for Klaveness Digital to further develop CargoValue by rapid prototyping analytical solutions on real customer challenges that can then be scaled into the solution”

Aleksander Stensby
Managing Director


What can Supply Chain Analytics do for you?

Fig 1. Supply Chain Analytics Dashboard Example illustrates vessel arrivals in/out of laycan by supplier

Fig 1. Supply Chain Analytics Dashboard Example illustrates vessel arrivals in/out of laycan by supplier.

With CargoValue acting as a master data source for our customers, stakeholders quickly realize the potential to improve opportunity analysis by unlocking the value of their data in real-time. With value creation achieved, stakeholders are soon keen to explore the next level and learn how data and analytics can be applied to transform a supply chain from digital to visionary. The Supply Chain Analytics Team works with these stakeholders to help make that happen.

The team achieves this through bespoke analysis, assisting cross-functional teams and making use of the data available in CargoValue to support stakeholders by identifying and recommending opportunity-driven decisions.

Examples include:

Fig 2. Supply Chain Analytics Dashboard Example illustrates demurrage at discharge port

Fig 2. Supply Chain Analytics Dashboard Example illustrates demurrage at discharge port

  • Competitor and trade pattern analysis.

  • Managing environmental footprints.

  • Actual and forecast reports for demurrage.

  • Optimization of working capital.

  • Identification of opportunities for improved port management/utilization.

  • Daily analysis of improvement opportunities for vessel line-up.

  • Advanced risk analysis.

  • Bespoke and dynamic senior management reports.

    See practical examples from the webinar recording: What new value creation opportunities can Supply Chain Analytics bring to bulk logistics?

“Our customers have detailed knowledge of their supply chains. But we see that we can assist them in adapting to the new ways of working when they have even more data available for improved decision making and often need to engage multiple stakeholders to capitalize on new opportunities”

André Torbjørnsen
Head of Supply Chain Analytics

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André Torbjørnsen

Head of Supply Chain Analytics


With almost 20 years’ experience from the global shipping industry, including a strong background in financial and trade analysis, André joins the role having previously worked as Senior Product Manager for Klaveness Digital and CargoValue.

This unique blend of technical, analytical, and practical industry experience well positions André to solve real industry challenges and help industrial companies accelerate digitalization while creating new value throughout their supply chains.



Rafael Guimaraes

Senior Supply Chain Analyst



Rafael joined the team from leading aluminum producer Alcoa. With previous responsibility as Global Maritime Operations Analyst, Rafael brings a proven track record of analyzing and interpreting large quantities of data and identifying opportunities to optimize planned costs as well as actual implementation of cost reduction initiatives. 

Located in São Paulo, Brazil, Rafael brings the additional advantage of supporting customers located in The Americas.


Yelyzaveta Dovhinka

Data Analyst



Holding an MSc in Business Analytics from Handelshøyskolen BI, Yelyzaveta joined Klaveness Digital in 2019 and brings the value of a modern perspective to an industry just beginning to tap into the power of data and analytics.

Having previously worked in Ukraine, Japan, and Germany, Yelyzaveta is well experienced in understanding the cultural aspects behind data and decisions.


Yahye Bulhan

Data Analyst



Yahye joined the team in August 2020 as an intern while completing an MSc in Business Analytics Handelshøyskolen BI. In summer 2021, he will complete his internship and become a full member of the team.

With an MSc in Business Analytics and a keen analytical mind, we are pleased to have Yahye on the team!


Carl Kristensen

Data Engineer


Carl has a BSc in Communication Network Engineering from The Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal which he completed in 2012. Carl joined our Oslo team in August 2020 as a Data Engineer and has proven to be a creative problem solver.

He has great interest for the endless possibilities that data analytics and software can bring to the world of seaborne logistics and beyond.


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