Webinar Recording | Digitalization and Decarbonization Vol 1. | The Supply Chain Opportunity

Digitalization and Decarbonization Vol. 1
The Supply Chain Opportunity

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Reducing indirect emissions (Scope 3 emissions) holds great potential for industrial companies to identify hotspots and facilitate their efforts to decarbonize across the supply chain. But what can the cargo owner do to reduce emissions in their seaborne supply chains, without compromising on resilience and cost-effectiveness? On March 2nd we convened a panel of thought leaders within their respective fields to share their insights around one of greatest challenges of our generation.

  • Aleksander Stensby, Managing Director, Klaveness Digital

  • Ingrid Kylstad, Sustainbility Lead, ZeroLab by Klaveness

  • Lasse Kristoffersen, President and CEO, Torvald Klaveness

Read a summary of key discussion points in the recent TradeWinds feature (Klaveness Digital says it is time to get a grip...) and register below to access the full recording of the session.

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