Emissions monitoring fully integrates into Klaveness Digital’s CargoValue solution

As of January 2023, the emissions monitoring tool pioneered between Klaveness Digital and ZeroLab has fully integrated into CargoValue, enabling existing and new customers to track and analyze carbon emissions from their supply chains. We believe that the technology represents a major step forward in the drive towards sustainability in the shipping industry.

With cargo owners increasingly paying attention to their supply chain emissions from shipping (also known as Scope 3 emissions), ZeroLab spent 2022 digging into the supply chains of companies such as aluminium giant South32 and grains leader CBH Group to quantity their shipping emissions reduction potential. The data has then been made available in CargoValue with information such as shipping related emissions per vessel, emissions per ton cargo, Sea Cargo Charter alignment, and EU ETS exposure. The Emissions algorithm estimates emissions with more than 90% accuracy in the absence of reported data, and therefore provides a solid dataset for reporting, disclosure, and operational decision-making.  

Cargo owners get full visibility on their Scope 3 emissions 

The move from 2023 means that CargoValue will become fully capable of measuring shipping emissions from any companies’ seaborne supply chains, based on their schedules and activities registered on the platform. ZeroLab will continue to act as a resource on which Klaveness Digital can draw to ensure the platform is delivering the best possible intel to its customers - and will in addition offer consultancy-level services to support those companies seeking expert advice on how to further build and implement shipping decarbonization strategies. 

A stand-alone solution in CargoValue 

With Emissions available as a stand-alone offering within CargoValue, cargo owners are empowered to measure their seaborne supply chain emissions and assess how they align with established frameworks for ESG compliance and industry initiatives such as the Sea Cargo Charter. For many industrial companies, managing the climate risk in their supply chains is an essential part of their license to operate and with the insights available, cargo owners and other stakeholders can collaborate more efficiently with logistics partners and improve carbon efficiency.  

About Klaveness Digital 

Klaveness Digital is a Norwegian technology company on a mission to bring shipping and logistics into the future They develop intelligent solutions using the latest advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence, to solve the everyday problems that some of the world's largest industrial companies are facing. 

The companies’ flagship product, CargoValue, is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that provides industrial companies with a digital twin of their seaborne supply chains. The platform improves supply chain management by delivering real-time visibility, improving transparency, and fostering collaboration between stakeholders involved in the planning, scheduling, and production processes.

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