Klaveness Digital join forces with key players in the aluminium industry to develop solution for reducing risk and waste across supply chains

Klaveness Digital has partnered with key players in the aluminium industry to develop a new solution for managing supply chain risk and reducing the waste often associated with maritime logistics. The solution is part of CargoValue, an intelligent shipping and logistics platform that allows users to plan and manage shipping schedules and inventories in one, unified solution.

CargoValue already caters to a large share of the aluminum market outside of China and is growing at a fast pace as Klaveness Digital continues to develop new functionality to solve everyday industry pain points, “as several of our customers are leaders in the aluminium sector, we have a mutual goal of exploring new ways to optimize seaborne logistics and reduce waste across all parts of industrial supply chains,” says Aleksander Stensby, Managing Director in Klaveness Digital.

The new solution will enable players to build a real-time digital twin of their maritime supply chains with multiple ‘what if’ scenarios to help evaluate the uncertainty and risks that typically lives throughout the planning and execution process. Examples could be delayed shipments due to inclement weather, port clashes, or scheduling revisions to optimize working capital between production sites.

With shipping a strong contributor to scope 3 emissions (or indirect supply chain emissions), and several industry leaders aiming to make significant reductions on emissions by 2030, the initiative also empowers players to improve decision making and reduce the waste that can occur through increased waiting time for vessels.

Aleks-1We share the view that digitalization offers a new degree of resiliency and responsiveness, enabling industrial companies to react to disruptions, anticipate and adjust in real-time as conditions in the supply chain change. After successful testing and deployment within the aluminum sector, we are excited to introduce Scenarios by CargoValue to other industries soon,” adds Stensby.

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