Product Updates | Multiple ports in the Shipment map, Negative demurrage days, Aggregated Inventory graph

We are excited to bring you a fresh set of improvements in CargoValue! This month we increased the visibility of shipments in the Shipment map; we improved the Demurrage days field to accept negative values and we changed the Aggregated Inventory graph.

  • Multiple load/discharge ports in the vessel pop up

Previously vessel pop ups in the map in Scheduled Shipments showed only a single load or discharge port name, with no indication that there would be multiple stops for the vessel/shipment. 

Now, vessel pop ups include the following:

  • An indication that there is more than one load or discharge port associated with the shipment
  • A list of the load or discharge ports which shows when hovering on the first load port name
  • A full list of commodities and quantities when multiple commodities are associated with the shipment (also shown on hover)


Product update November

  • Support for negative demurrage days

You can now add a negative value in the Demurrage days field, indicating dispatch, ie a refund to the charterer for quick operations time. This will also be reflected in the demurrage dashboard.

  • Demurrage days


  • Adjusted position of filtering and chart buttons
  • We have made a small change to the positioning of filtering and chart buttons in the Aggregated inventory graph to improve usability. This change includes:

    • On the left side of the graph you will see the active inventories in your selected aggregation
    • Different visibility options/graph settings (Line, Stacked Bar, Zoom in and Zoom out) will be shown on the right side of the graph
    • The "View all" option is renamed to "Reset zoom" to better reflect its function




If you have any feedback or questions about the new feature or CargoValue in general, contact us.

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