The Future of Coal and How Industrial Companies Should Achieve Decarbonization Goals | Metro TV Interview

Our colleague Giftson Eliyesar attended the Coaltrans Asia event in September and had the opportunity to share his experience from the conference and also his views on the future of coal and decarbonization with the Indonesian National Media Televisi Indonesia, PT ( METRO TV ).

During the interview, he shared that CoalTrans is Asia’s leading coal event. And after two years of hiatus, this was the perfect opportunity to reconnect with Industry leaders and re-forge relationships in person and hear from leading market experts on the global macro trends impacting coal supply and demand, coal’s role in the energy crisis, and the industry’s progress towards decarbonization.

He says that every organization is embarking on its net-zero journey; Last year, 2021, has become a defining year. Businesses across the planet, of all shapes and sizes, from every sector, are joining together in taking action. The complexities of reaching net zero require a sophisticated and multifaceted response. Carbon credits are only part of the story. But more and more businesses are recognizing that carbon credits make a difference for their customers, employees, and decarbonization journey.

He also states that coal will still play a significant role in providing energy for our economic growth. However, stricter carbon emission control will be imposed on the companies to reduce emissions.

Adopting solutions like CargoValue that enable Industrial companies to better plan their seaborne logistics could really speed up the transition towards reaching the set decarbonization goals. CargoValue also makes disclosure of Scope 3 shipping emissions easier and supports industrial companies with target setting and identification of emission reduction initiatives in their seaborne supply chain. The data is also used in sustainability reports and for disclosure in line with the Sea Cargo Charter.

Giftson Eliyesar, Senior Account Manager from our Singapore office represented Klaveness Digital during the Fastmarkets Metals and Mining Coaltrans conference that took place in Westin Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia from from 18 - 20 September.

Klaveness Digital a Norwegian technology company empowering industrial companies to build the next generation of resilient, decarbonized, and cost-effective supply chains with the platform CargoValue.

Watch the interview here.

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