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CargoValue empowers supply chain professionals in some of the world’s largest industrial companies to transform the way they manage seaborne transportation.


“We have fully replaced our Excel file for anode scheduling with CargoValue. It has taken collaboration to a whole new level.”

Customer Review

Aluminium Industry

Traditional Supply Chain

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Spreadsheet based

image 60

Lacking transparency

image 55-1

Reactive decision-making

image 56-1

High demurrage-exposure

image 57

CO2 heavy

image 58-1

Costly inventory buffers

image 59

Supply risks

CargoValue Supply Chain

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Dynamic workflows

image 55-2

One version of the truth

image 56-2

Proactive decision-making

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Smarter freight planning

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Emission benchmarked

image 61

Lower working capital

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Supply chain resilience


"Today it is really hard for us to see potential problems in our schedule just by analyzing all of our different spreadsheets and its a very manual and time-consuming process. CargoValue would be really useful to help us achieve better visibility and also to understand the links between the whole supply chain”

Customer Review

Agriculture Industry

“This solution is magnificent. You have developed a great tool for our industry that solves many of our everyday problems and inefficiencies so I think it will be a perfect fit. CargoValue will help us a lot with our shipping operations and inventory management”

Customer Review

Energy Industry

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