Unlocking the Power of Data and Analytics in Supply Chain Management: A Whitepaper

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In the face of a challenging landscape for supply chain management professionals, marked by volatile shipping markets, trade wars, the global pandemic, and the urgent need for decarbonization, the intricacy of managing networks and product portfolios continues to grow. The pressure to maintain cost-efficiency and competitiveness is stronger than ever.

Amidst these challenges, technology advancements are disrupting industries, with buzzwords like IoT, automation, big data, and blockchain reshaping the business landscape. Supply Chain 4.0 is emerging as a digital age transformation, driven by the democratization of computing power through cloud services.

Surprisingly, many companies with seaborne logistics-dependent supply chains still rely on outdated methods like spreadsheets and manual data entry. These systems lack interconnectivity, transparency, visibility, and real-time access to critical information, posing significant cost and risk factors.

Fortunately, stakeholders possess a valuable asset—knowledge. Leveraging years of industry experience, they can harness data and analytics to enhance decision-making and drive performance. By utilizing advanced algorithms and real-time insights, opportunities for optimization and value creation become apparent, enabling proactive decision-making and reducing costs, waste, and environmental impact.

The challenge lies in identifying solutions capable of harnessing existing data and turning it into actionable insights. The ideal solutions should utilize data managed in ERP systems, spreadsheets, and other sources, and create additional value by leveraging predictive algorithms, scenario builders, and optimization modules. This whitepaper aims to explore such opportunities and highlight how data and analytics can transform supply chain decision-making.

Join us on this exploration of practical examples where data-driven solutions can revolutionize planning, procurement, execution, and sales processes. Discover how strategic use of data and analytics can unlock untapped potential, optimize operations, and generate tangible value across the supply chain.

Read our free whitepaper now to gain valuable insights into leveraging the power of data and analytics in supply chain management and seize a competitive advantage in the digital era.

Copyright © Klaveness Digital AS 2023. All rights reserved.

Copyright © Klaveness Digital AS 2023. All rights reserved.

Copyright © Klaveness Digital AS 2023. All rights reserved.