Klaveness Digital Signs Maritime Supply Chain Transformation Contract with SIMEC Mining

Klaveness Digital have signed a new contract with SIMEC, a key player in the mining metals industry operating at Whyalla Port, Australia. Following a Pilot project generating successful cost savings for the business, the expansion agreement will see both parties continue to digitalize maritime logistics for the mining giant in the coming years.

“We share the view that supply chain resilience is now more critical than ever, the stepwise approach to expanding our scope with SIMEC to transform operations out of Whyalla Port is a consequence of smart scaling and good collaboration between our teams this past year,” commented Klaveness Digital CEO Aleksander Stensby.

“With the Whyalla Port increasingly handling more third-party cargo, we are constantly working to deliver streamlined and efficient operations to our customers. CargoValue enables us to make proactive, outcomes-based decisions to manage inventory and shipping schedules for all port users and capture significant savings for the business,” a SIMEC Mining spokesperson said.

CargoValue, Klaveness Digital’s digital twin solution for managing seaborne supply chains, is currently serving major charterers in the aluminum, steel, mining, agriculture, energy industries among others and Stensby adds, “with more key players coming on board, we’re seeing CargoValue increasingly build resilience and cost savings across the full value chain, our next ambition with customers focuses on Scope 3 emissions, driven by a mutual desire identify emissions hotspots and reduction potential all the way from pit to end consumer.”


About Klaveness Digital

Klaveness Digital is a Norwegian technology company on a mission to bring shipping and logistics into the digital age. They develop intelligent solutions using the latest advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence, to solve the everyday problems that some of the world's largest industrial companies are facing.

The companies’ flagship product, CargoValue, is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that provides industrial companies with a digital twin of their seaborne supply chains. The platform improves supply chain management by delivering real-time visibility, improving transparency, and fostering collaboration between stakeholders involved in the planning, scheduling, and production processes.

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