Vessel and tug boats

Optimizing decision-making in seaborne transport with real-time data

May 21, 2024

Optimize decision-making with real-time data | CargoValue

Access to accurate and timely information, such as ship locations, weather conditions and port activity allows for swift reactions in seaborne transportation

Customer Success Consultant Aladdy Choo at the Singapore office

Blending tradition with innovation finds that sweet spot to successful change management

Apr 19, 2024

Incorporating supply chain technology | CargoValue

Discover how we enhance supply chain management by merging trusted methods with advanced tech, guiding clients from reactive to proactive practices.

Office building

4 things to consider when implementing new software in your business

Mar 6, 2024

A guide to software implementation | CargoValue

Explore effective strategies for successful software implementation, focusing on these 4 things for seamless adoption.

cyber security illustration by AI

How SaaS enhances security - From on-premise to on-point

Feb 1, 2024

Enhancing cybersecurity with Software-as-a-Service | CargoValue

Explore how SaaS transforms cybersecurity: advanced encryption, compliance, data protection, scalability, and disaster recovery for modern business security.

vessel seen from above

4 strategies to mitigate a surge in shipping costs due to the new EU ETS regulations

Dec 4, 2023

4 tactics to mitigate surge in shipping costs due to EU ETS

As the European Union introduce a carbon tax from 1 January 2024, cargo owners are actively exploring ways to reduce their scope 3 emissions.

port view from above

Unlocking the power of data and analytics in supply chain management: a whitepaper

Oct 30, 2023

Unlocking supply chain value with data and analytics | CargoValue

Explore how data and analytics elevate your supply chain with CargoValue, unlocking value and boosting efficiency.

Read whitepaper here

industrial landscape

Survey results: supply chain resilience in industrial companies transporting raw materials by sea

Oct 4, 2023

Survey on Supply Chain Resilience: Key Findings and Insights | CargoValue

Explore survey insights on supply chain resilience in industrial maritime transport.

EVP, Head of Dry Bulk Michael Jørgensen (back) and CEO Aleksander Stensby, Klaveness Digital workshop

Why ‘The CargoValue Way’ is nothing like your traditional ERP implementation

Jul 6, 2023

Simplifying implementation of SaaS solutions | CargoValue

Experience a seamless 4-step process that offers rapid onboarding, tailored insights, and real-time supply chain visibility.

aluminium wearhouse

Charting new horizons in supply chain management

Jun 12, 2023

Alcoa's supply chain transformation | CargoValue

Discover how Alcoa leveraged CargoValue to optimize its seaborne supply chain, leading to efficiency improvements, cost savings, and a focus on sustainability.

silos seen from above

Can you afford not to digitalize your supply chain

May 24, 2023

Test your supply chain resilience | CargoValue

Assess the robustness of your supply chain with CargoValue's resilience test. Identify strengths, vulnerabilities, and areas for improvement with our free test.

Mining site

How an Australian mining company reduced demurrage costs and streamlined their supply chain with CargoValue

May 12, 2023

An Australian mining company's success with CargoValue

Learn how an Australian miner used CargoValue to reduce demurrage costs and streamline their seaborne logistics.

Trucks transporting bauxite by Lars Ove Hansen

The ROI of replacing spreadsheets

Apr 25, 2023

The ROI of replacing spreadsheets | CargoValue

Read about how replacing spreadsheets with CargoValue can improve the ROI of industrial companies in ocean-based supply chains.

3 persons walking in wearhouse

Navigating digital supply chain transformation

Apr 13, 2023

Navigating digital supply chain transformation | CargoValue

Unlock supply chain visibility, intelligence, and action for efficiency, cost savings, and sustainability through the VIAV framework.

Fireside chat with Head of Bauxite in Hydro Aluminium with CEO Aleksander Stensby

Fireside chat with Jonathan Hadley from Hydro Aluminium

Mar 20, 2023

Fireside chat with Head of Bauxite from Hydro | CargoValue

Chat with Jonathan Hadley, Head of Commercial for Bauxite and Alumina at Hydro on aluminium chain challenges, and how they built a resilient supply chain.

Interview with Mohamed Morgan Berrechid in TAQA Morocco

TAQA Morocco’s CargoValue journey - A digitalization success story

Dec 12, 2022

TAQA Morocco's digitalization success with CargoValue

How TAQA Morocco transformed its industrial supply chain with CargoValue, enhancing transparency, real-time visibility, and value creation opportunities.

woman wearing helmet outside

How is CargoValue helping customers build resilient, decarbonized, and cost-effective supply chains?

Dec 10, 2022

Real user reviews on Capterra | CargoValue

CargoValue is now featured on Capterra by Gartner Digital Markets. Read what others are saying about CargoValue.

A compass

5 dos and don’ts when considering to implement software solutions throughout supply chains

Apr 7, 2021

5 Dos and Don'ts for successful implementation | CargoValue

Learn the key strategies for a successful supply chain software implementation, and what to avoid.

Below the water surface, ocean

Digitalization - A key enabler to fast-tracking the reduction of indirect emissions throughout the supply chain

Mar 1, 2021

Reducing emissions across supply chains | CargoValue

Learn how industries optimize and reduce indirect emissions in their supply chains, taking a significant step towards a greener future with CargoValue.

Office landscape with people working

Why replacing spreadsheets will improve collaboration in your supply chains

Aug 13, 2020

Enhance collaboration across your supply chain | CargoValue

Improve collaboration, eliminate information silos and reduce logistics costs in industrial supply chains with CargoValue.

Beach and ocean seen from above

3 ways digitalization can reduce the environmental footprint of your maritime supply chains

Jul 30, 2020

Reduce your environmental footprint | CargoValue

Reduce your carbon footprint by improved planning, reduced idle time and adopting a more lean logistics model.

Vessels at port in sunset

5 things you should know when digitalizing maritime logistics

Feb 26, 2020

Lessons in digitizing maritime logistics | CargoValue

5 crucial insights for a successful journey in digitizing maritime logistics. From API integration to finding the right partners.

excel spreadsheet

3 things spreadsheets can't do for your supply chain

May 15, 2018

The end of spreadsheets | CargoValue

Simplify shipping and inventory with CargoValue through real-time tracking, efficient supply chain management, and seamless integration in one solution.